Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Watch out for the drunks...

So, miss_anon just informed me that she called the police about the 3/15 protest (on her break, even - so committed...) and they were generally nice about it, but did warn her to watch out for the drunks, since 3/15 is kinda St. Patrick's Day. In case you either weren't there for the 2/10 protest or didn't notice, there are a lot of bars/clubs in the vicinity of the Scientology building down there (I believe there's even one right next to it), so this is definitely a concern.

I think the best idea might be to disperse before it gets dark (not like we're doing much good after dark anyway). Seems to me like somewhere around 6 PM might be an optimal time to finish up, though I'd figure on clearing out earlier if the drunks show up earlier.

Oh also, remember, we're celebrating a birthday here! Anyone who can bake ought to make cake (I'm going to, because I'm just that awesome). If you can't bake but have money, buy one! Also, wear party hats and all that. We might have some extra if people don't have them, and we will make you wear them. Also we will be singing happy birthday for dear Elron. This is also non-negotiable.

Oh and I guess if we have cake we need paper plates and plastic forks and stuff, so if you have extra or feel like picking some up, that'd be cool, too.
More updates if I think of anything more. I guess miss_anon covered most of it in her last post.



Miss Anonymous said...

Yep -- the man I spoke to was definitely not giving me trouble or anything, to be clear -- he sounded more concerned than anything, about our well-being out there after dark when it gets more chaotic.

For those not at the raid last time, the police officers that the CoS had positioned at their store were very fair and polite, so there's no reason to assume they'll hassle us this time, provided things stay orderly again.

My contribution would be this -- provided the drunks are still somewhat few and far between, as I expect for early-mid-afternoon, just ignore them and don't try to approach them if they're obviously inebriated. Save your fliers and handouts for the sober. If a drunk bothers you, ignore it unless it's a serious threat to your well-being, in which case we will summon the officers Scientology will presumably have there again, or call for assistance ourselves. Once the drunks start to outnumber us, or once it gets dark, we'll call it a day and head out.

cultlord said...

Low probability of getting the real true believers to act this crazy, but stranger things in Pittsburgh have happened:

ATTN: LA and Clearwater Anons, Co$ planning staged violence

Xenu said...

Cultlord: this is good to know. I think I'll make another post about this. Thanks a lot for the link.