Thursday, March 27, 2008

Some New Links

This is one of the links that roj commented with on our last post -- I don't think this has been discussed on the blog yet, so I'm giving it a post of its own.

The injunction against Anons in Florida


ManySigns said...

Oi... Well, at least that was good for a laugh, and their repeated attempts to push it through despite multiple rejections probably didn't avail themselves of the Florida court system.

Regarding the April 12th protest, I stopped at wally world tonight and picked up more poster board for new signs, as well as extra sharpies (I killed a brand-new black sharpie while making signs for the 15th... >.> ), and a 75-foot roll of 18" banner paper. I'm wondering what I should put on the banner paper (or likely paperS, since 75' is more than enough to make a few banners), and if you guys had any specific suggestions or requests.

Roj said...

Yes, for 4-12, I have procured a suit, white shit, and a red tie. I am prepared.