Thursday, March 13, 2008


So, cultlord posted a comment on the last post that I think merits a post of its own. Everyone should take a look at this Enturb post:

While I don't think it's likely that something like that will happen here, we should be on our guard once again for attempted bullbaiting by Scientologists. Like last time, we will be doing our protesting across the street from them, which creates a barrier between us and them. In addition, if last time was any indication, we will far outnumber them, which is a help to us in the event of any bullbaiting attempts. The police will most likely be there again, which should provide another buffer between us and them. For those of you who weren't there on 2/10, the police pretty much sat inside the Scientology building the whole time, except to come out once to warn us about stepping onto the street.

However, another known strategy employed by the CoS is to plant members in protest groups, who will try to incite the group to perform illegal acts. The same policy as last time will apply to this: if anyone in the group tries to get you to do anything illegal, report them to one of the media reps, and we'll dissociate the group from them. If anyone in the group does anything illegal, we will call the police on you ourselves. Basically, just keep it legal and peaceful. It's really not that hard.

That said, everyone did a great job keeping it completely civil and peaceful last time, and I have no reason to suspect otherwise this time, unless there are infiltrators. Even in that case, I trust everyone to deal with them properly.

See you guys on Saturday!



I.Ruse said...

It sucks that I just found out that we have a local protest because now I have no ride out there. Protest extra hard for me Anon, I'll be there next time.

giv3m3truth said...

Still haveing pass problems, doo busy to figure it out.

Anyway, I have a new crew member coming and he can get a little... Excited. I'll try keep him under control and make sure he knows to act professional, but if he starts acting up he's outta there.

Anyway if he does you may want to make it extra clear that my group is there as journalists and not part of Anon.

I highly doubt he'll make an ass of hismelf but I figure I better warn you guys jus tin case.

Miss Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'll trust you to keep your colleague under control, giv3m3truth. Just let me know if you're having any problems with him and the media reps can try talking to him.

totems said...

that shit was stupid as hell you all talked and look like fools you shame me i was hopping this would be something worthwhile and cool. i was there for 2 minutes and decided i didnt even want to associate my self with any of you and left.