Friday, March 28, 2008

More Links

Time Magazine article on "The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power" link.

Many of you have probably seen this before, but it's got some decent Operation Reconnect relevant info.

And in addition, The Road to March 15, link courtesy of cultlord.


cultlord said...

Not sure if this is the best place to post this... but

The Road to March 15th by the same guy who did The Road to Feb 10th. Excellent work - runs about 16 minutes.

Anonymous said...

There was in article in today's Forum section.

I can't really tell it supports us or not. It sort of goes back and forth from seeming like it hates us, or seeming like it loves us.

This isn't really the best place to post this, but it's the easiest.

ManySigns said...

Unless I'm mistaken, that was originally published somewhere else back in February. It was posted somewhere on the enturb forums, and the general consensus was that, shock value of his opening paragraphs aside (which are really just attention-getting methods, and are used to get the reader to ask why these anonymous people aren't getting pounced on, etc., and lead into the author's explanation of that), the author is generally pro-Anonymous and anti-Scientology.

Miss Anonymous said...

A journalist named Jerome Sherman published a front page Post Gazette article in February after visiting our protest, if that's the one you're thinking of, manysigns. I haven't seen this one before, but the date on the bottom is March 30, unless this was published elsewhere before.

I'm going to put up a post for this link, thanks anonymous.