Sunday, March 23, 2008

Saying Thank You

I mentioned before putting together a letter on behalf of Anonymous to send to the South Side police precinct thanking them for fair treatment, but then I got a better idea, partly inspired by my suggestion that we each contact the media as average citizens.

Anyone with an interest in thanking the police for their fair treatment, try this: get a thank you card, or even just paper and an envelope, and write your own personal note expressing gratitude. It can be Anonymous. I think a larger influx of brief, grateful notes will have more impact that a big boring letter.

I'm going to be writing my note this week.

Here's a mailing address I found for the South Side police station, the place of employment for any officers who have covered our protests:

Pittsburgh Police
Zone Three (South Side)
1725 Mary Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Edit: I encourage everyone to post the text of their note in the comments in case anyone's having trouble coming up with something to say. I will post mine sometime this week.


Roj said...

That's the injunction against our /b/rothers in Florida. It's because he's a "terrorist." One of the best things about it is how his house was broken into back in February after a car with two supposed CoS members sat out front for a week.

Roj said...

Also, there's the DVD that the CoS is sending out to all their members. It contains a "bomb threat" that was supposedly made by Anon and posted on YouTube. One of the big things about it is that the video on the DVD was supposedly taken from youTube, but the actual video on the DVD is of MUCH higher quality than that of the one on Youtube.