Sunday, March 16, 2008

Servers Down at Partyvan and Enturbulation

For the past few days, myself and a few other Anons I've spoken to have been unable to access the Pittsburgh IRC channel hosted on the servers. The original Project Chanology wiki at partyvan's site has been suffering frequent downtime as well. Xenu and I are working to establish an interim IRC channel on another server, and we will post information as it becomes available. I am unsure whether there was foul play involved here, but there's a good chance it was just overloaded as a result of the influx of information being edited regarding the March 15th raids.

Also, enturbulation appears to be in the process of upgrading server hardware to account for the growing number of anons using the forums there. Yesterday, there was a barebones forum available after the raids, and today, the site appears to be altogether inaccessible. Enturbulation, to my knowledge, should be up again soon.

In the meantime, I'll keep this blog as updated as possible, and feel free to dialogue with one another in the comments section while the enturb forums are down.


Miss Anonymous said...

And now has rickrolled me.

Still no forums.

Bishop said...

Now enturbulation is showing 80's music videos on the main page and nothing else...

Ok, what the farquat is going on? Are they testing the new software or something?

Miss Anonymous said...

There was a banner message the other day on enturb about them having to upgrade server hardware due to increased traffic. I assume that this interim phase involving the Rick Astley video is part of that process.

cultlord said...

It's back! May have to reset your password, but aside from that, everything over there seemed to transition smoothly.

Also, the Something Awful thread about anonymous is huge, but has consolidated coverage and reviews.

I've taken that and consolidated it further.

Miss Anonymous said...

Yeah, enturb is back up, but I'm having trouble logging in with my existing username and password. trying to get that fixed now.