Friday, March 7, 2008

Details for the 3/15 Protest: It's Party Time!

Details have been requested for the 3/15 protest, so here they are.

Date: 3/15/2008

Time: 11:00am-? (Let's stay as long as we can)

Place: The sidewalk across the street from the Scientology bookstore at 1906 E. Carson Street on the South Side.

Masks are legal, so wear them, along with whatever other implements of disguise you deem necessary.

It is very important that we stay on the sidewalk and off of the road. While on the sidewalk, make every effort possible not to block passersby. It's a pretty wide sidewalk, so this shouldn't be difficult. By doing these things, we can avoid having to apply for a permit. The police who were present at the CoS building last time were fine with us being there as long as we followed these rules.

Additionally, and this is pretty obvious, do not litter. If you bring leaflets or signs, take what hasn't been handed out with you when you go, or make sure they find their way into a trash can. I will be bringing some garbage bags in case we need them.

Noise ordinances in Pittsburgh prohibit us from having boomboxes, so please do not bring them.

Any member of Anonymous who persists in violating local laws applying to our protest, threatening or harassing the Scientologists, or otherwise disrupting the protest will be asked to leave. If a major problem occurs, the police will be summoned. Let's keep this legal and give them nothing to get us in trouble over.

Please check the weather forecasts before 3/15. I know it's been warming up recently, but I've heard rumors of impending snow, and if we want to stay longer, appropriate dress will be important.

If you have cameras or camcorders, bring them. Last time, a strange fellow took pictures of us from outside the CoS building, and it's important for us to keep our own photo records. Plus, we need something to post online afterward for great justice.

Bring signs to hold. Large foamboard ones worked best for cheap and easy-to-make ones. Just don't try and tape stuff to other stuff, because the wind wrecked those last time. Markers do just fine.

Regarding signs: Do not use the word "hate" on them. At all. This happened last time and drew some criticism from a reporter because it conflicted with our overall message.

"Honk if" signs were excellent, and got an awesome response from passing cars. However, since there can be no more "honk if you hate Scientology," here are a few other suggestions:

*Honk if you think Scientology is a cult*
*Honk if Scientology should pay taxes*
*Honk if religion should be free of charge*

Of course, non-honking signs are great too, and again, no "hate."

If you have other sign ideas you'd like to share, please comment! The more the better. Just steer clear of attacking their beliefs or anything generally profane.

Bring some snacks and drinks for yourself. I've heard stories of businesses refusing to serve protesters, especially those who won't take off their Guy Fawkes masks, although we did not have problems with this last time.

We recommend that you not drive your car to the protest, as early raids in Orlando led to some of the protesters being followed home in their vehicles, and license plate numbers are a great way to give up your identity. Most of the Anons took a bus to the South Side. If this is not an option for you, consider parking your car in one of the public garages outside the South Side Works shopping area. The rates are affordable, and it's about eight blocks from the CoS building -- far enough for them not to find your car easily, close enough to be a reasonable walk.

Although this did not happen last time, since the police were present at the CoS building for the duration of the protest, should you be bullbaited or harassed by a Scientologist handler, do not respond in kind. Either completely ignore them, or respond civilly and politely. I recommend silence, since their behavior may make civility difficult at times. The most they did last time was have a creepy guy who came out of a white van snap some pictures from across the street, and most of us just waved and gave him peace signs.

I will be alerting the local news stations and newspapers again, along with giving the South Side police a heads up (though I'm assuming that the Scientologists will be taking care of this for us). However, if any of you have contacts within the local media, PLEASE do not hesitate to use them -- university press would be great too! Last time, we got televised coverage from WTAE, online coverage from WPXI, and print/online coverage from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

We have two Anons who are prepared to greet the media representatives with statements and information regarding the protest. After that, the media is free to interview any member of Anonymous who is willing to speak with them. Naturally, most of you will want to remain anonymous, but you may give the press a more specific pseudonym, rather than just "Anon," if you choose. Just make sure to clarify that it is an assumed name, and if necessary, give an explanation of why it is important that your identity remain secret. Backed up with a solid argument, this can be pretty powerful in itself.

And, of course, have fun out there!

See you all in a week or so.

Miss Anonymous.


The Banana Girl said...

Any suggestions as to how to stealthily bring signage on public transit?

I'll be bringing cake. Someone else should bring party hats. It turns out L. Ron and I share a birthday!

giv3m3truth said...

Giv3m3truth here, still having password issues on this site...

We'll be there again. If the place is open, we migth cross the street and try to get a statment (gotta be fair!) Just a heads up

Miss Anonymous said...

Heh, well, when I brought signage on public transit last time, it wasn't exactly stealthy, so I wouldn't worry too much about that.

And I think it'd be a great idea to get a statement from them, giv3m3truth - I'm actually quite curious about how they'll react and I'd love to hear about it.

WVAnon said...

"Honk if your AGAINST $cientology" is a good honk sign...

totems said...

i am pretty excited i couldnt come last time but i should be able to make it out once this time. i hope the weather holds out.

i think party hats are a great idea.

cultlord said...

Looking forward to this weekend. I'm quite curious as to how this is going to turn out. I'm sure it will be very surreal for the drunks walking around South Side. Sadly I have an obligation to be in the South Side Works at noon so I'll be there for a bit and hopefully will be back afterward.

Miss Anonymous said...

Yeah, new post regarding the drunks above this one -- basically, cops say be careful.

And I think I will be dragging Xenu to Target on Friday night to purchase some party hats for us.

Any ideas for themes? Hello Kitty? Barbie? Power Rangers? What would L. Ron prefer?

cultlord said...

L. Ron would prefer hats with hookers and blow. Perhaps we can get in contact with Elliot Spitzer ;)

Nickname unavailable said...

I think he'd like pokemans. Preferably mudkips.

Anonymous said...

I'll be wearing a banana suit, which is way better than party hats.

It's going to be really hard to be inconspicuous on the way in, between the banana suit, the cake and the signage.

You know the rules, (and so do I)

The Banana Girl

Anonymous said...

For those that wanted to know, my web address is:

My e-mail is:

Anyone that wants the Rifck Astley megamix can contact me there,

Anonymous said...

The photos from the 3/15 protest will be posted tommorrow, 3/36 at:

- Tex

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the delay. The photos from the 3/15 protest are now up at:

- Tex