Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Quick Word Regarding the Police

So, you know that lone officer who was posted outside the CoS store today? Apparently, he was there (with his own non-police vehicle, as well) because, even though it was supposed to be his day off, the Scientologists called the precinct four times this morning begging for assistance -- and this was very early in the day, likely before Anon even began gathering at eleven, because the officer arrived before noon. And in spite of the lousy circumstances, he wasn't at all unpleasant to have there (at least for Anonymous) and even honked for us when he left.

And of course, last time was a similar deal, except they apparently had two officers there. I'm guessing the South Side can't spare much in the way of law enforcement on St. Patrick's Day.

Especially in light of what went down in Atlanta today, I think it's important that Anonymous acknowledge how fair and respectful our police officers have been to us here in Pittsburgh, and give our support to the Atlanta anons who were arrested for what so far appears to be a petty noise ordinance violation.


giv3m3truth said...

Update Update! first video uploaded! It isn't playing yet but it should be by the time most of us are waking up. If any anons don't know where to go, I'm sure Miss Anonymous or Xenu can point you in the right direction.

...Or I can just put a link here. Sorry, it's 1:19, I'm just glad I got it done without falling asleep.

Upcoming videos to expect: "Signs of the Ides", "Anononanon (working title.)", "Laughing Man Compliation" (we loved that guy.)

giv3m3truth said...

And after htat I still forgot the link!

Still not ready to play as of this post.

Channel link (in case direct video link is fail):

kos1ba said...

Nice job guys. I'm sorry I wasn't around for this one.

Perhaps we should send the department a nice letter or email thanking them for watching the area, especially for the officer who should have had the day off.

He may have not accepted a slice of cake, but perhaps the department will accept some baked cookies instead...

ManySigns said...

Nice vid, can't wait for more! As for the laughing anon... I can't say for sure, but I suspect it was the question that you asked ("What does it mean to you to be Anon?") that elicited that response. To many Anon, defining or explaining what it means to be Anon is a laughing point. And they may not have even been Anons, and just been anons. Laughing at you still wasn't the right response, though, they could have at least given you a brief statement.


I think cookies for the police department is a good idea, though they might not be allowed to accept them. You can go ahead and try, I'm sure it wouldn't hurt our reputation in their eyes, but make sure to express our appreciation for their presence, particularly the officer who came in on his day off on a holiday.

Miss Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think sometime this week I'll compose a letter to the South Side precinct thanking them for their fair treatment of Anonymous in February and March. If anyone has a statement they'd like to contribute to the letter, please post it here. I'll wait a few days before I write anything up so that everyone has a chance to come up with something if they so wish.

And giv3m3truth: I'll post that link on the media list in the previous post, thanks! =)

ManySigns said...

I think we'd all like to express our heartfelt thanks to the officer stationed at the Scientology building, for coming in on his day off, especially since it was on a holiday.