Tuesday, May 6, 2008

When You Get To The Protest on Saturday..

As always, unless you hear differently, you can just assume we're meeting at 11 am across the street from the Scientology store. However, due to the issues we've had with the shop owners immediately across the street, I'm going to suggest that until we get enough of a crowd to get things started, stay on an intersection or in front of the abandoned office building (if you haven't been there before and don't know which one that is, just stay with an intersection until someone who does know gets there). The last thing I want is for some early-bird Anon to get harassed all by his or her lonesome because they stood in the wrong spot. Once we get a dozen or so there, we can start splitting up and standing at two intersections on that block and in front of the abandoned building, being careful to avoid the troublesome storefronts and to keep moving around the area if needed.


RememberX2 said...


CNN videos from today about Anon and the churches responses.

Anonymous said...

select the line or search scientology on cnn's website.

Anonymous said...

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