Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ideas for increasing turnout?

So, like I mentioned before, it seems like turnout was a bit down today, which is understandable because I think we've had a lot of college students in the past, and most local schools are finishing up finals at this point. I myself will actually be out of town for the next protest as well (though I'll be reppin' the 'burgh at the Austin, TX protest), but I'll still try to help some with the coordination. You'll also still have Miss Anon, who's more conscientious than me about updating the blog/has more free time/nothing better to do anyway.

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out ways to increase turnout for the summer protests. I guess one easy-ish way would just be for the people that are staying around (or even the people that are leaving) to get friends that are going to be in town to come. I'm not really sure what we can do beyond that, except for some sort of flier campaign with info specific to the Pittsburgh protest. I might try to create such a flier, but won't be around to distribute it, unfortunately.

Does anyone else have any ideas?


RememberX2 said...

for my information when u say bring friends i could bring alot but they may just b protesting just to protest. is that good bad or ok. i also dont want any of my unknowing friends to hurt anons image. btw its hard to type via PS3rd

Anonymous said...

Dianetics-Face, reporting in. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I won't be in town for Operation: Sea-Arrrgh, but I'll be representing Pitt-Anons in Buffalo, NY. I'll get a flier blitz underway at my college, and maybe get on some street corners with information. We're getting a lot of supporters on E Carson, including a restaurant and a bar along the street. Maybe we could ask shopkeepers if they would be willing to leave some fliers in their doorways.

ManySigns said...

Getting local shops to help distribute flyers sounds like a great idea, if their company policy/owners allow. Another miniraid with flyers geared towards spreading the word about our next big protest could also be a good idea.

niko t said...

stage a flase tv crew. pretend to interview passerbys. tv cameras always attract attention. plus when we ask random people for their opinions they might become interested in the protest