Thursday, May 1, 2008

Obligatory Media Info Repost

We haven't been getting much in the way of local media for the last couple protests, but I say its still worth a shot to contact them now. One thing I'd like to do differently for this time around is to collect up some photos RIGHT AFTER the protest and compile an email to send out after-the-fact, in addition to a tipoff prior to the protest, so that they can possibly choose to publish something even if they don't show up themselves. If anyone would be interested in being a photographer for that purpose and thinks they'll be able to upload their shots immediately after the protest and email them to me, I'd be quite grateful. Feel free to send in your own in your own email, too -- more can't hurt.

Pittsburgh Media Contact Info

WPXI (telephone): 412-237-1100
WPXI (email):

WTAE (telephone): 412-244-4444
WTAE (email):

KDKA (telephone): 412-575-2245
KDKA (email): Submit via form on this page

Post-Gazette (telephone): 412-263-1100
Post-Gazette (email):
Post-Gazette reporter who covered 2/10, Jerome Sherman:

Edit: called PPG before last protest, they directed me to -

Tribune Review (telephone): 412-321-6460
Tribune Review (email): (for letters to the editor and giving your opinion -- they don't really have a more appropriate avenue for directing emails listed on their site).

Edit: when I called the Trib prior to the last address, they suggested I send info to this address -

Local University Press

CMU, The Tartan (telephone): 412-268-2111
CMU, The Tartan (email):
CMU TV (email):
CMU, WRCT Radio (email):

The Pitt News (telephone): 412-648-7980
The Pitt News (email):
Pitt TV (telephone): 717-475-2848
Pitt TV (email):

The Duquesne Duke (telephone): 412-396-6629
The Duquesne Duke (email, editor):

Point Park, The Globe (telephone): 412-392-4740
Point Park, The Globe (email):

CCAC Student Newspapers:
Allegheny Campus (telephone): 412-237-4632
Boyce Campus (telephone): 724-325-6730
North Campus (telephone): 412-369-3698
South Campus (telephone): 412-469-6352

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