Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More Update

Just spoke to the Commander's clerk at the South Side precinct. I gave her the basics on what happened last time: we were at the edge of the sidewalk near the road, the off-duty officer outside the Scientology store said we were fine, but then when the store owners called the police the officer who responded told us that we were blocking the sidewalk and had to leave.

I gave her my name and number, and she said she'd talk to the Commander about all of this and call me back then.

I didn't get a chance yet to bring up the threats from the shop owner, but when they call back I definitely will.

At this point, I'm not entirely sure when or if we'll need to actually go down there and meet with them. They seem inclined to handle most of this via phone calls. Also, the Commander I'm referring to seems to be on-duty before two in the afternoon, not weeknight evenings like we had been planning to go down there (they keep telling me I should call before two).

I'm hoping if I speak to their highest-up person (which seems to be this Commander I left the information for) then we can at least clarify things enough for the next protest, although if anything's left unresolved I'm going to ask them to schedule a meeting for us.

Additionally, one thing I can think of for June 14th, since this was going to be an issue anyway. Instead of meeting across the street from the Scientology store (even if that's where we end up protesting and we're okay being there), let's meet outside the police station (It's on Sarah Street, which isn't that far from the Scientology bookstore), drop in and let them know who we are and what we're doing, and then walk over to the protest site together (thus avoiding having a few Anons alone out there to be threatened by the store owner). Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good idea. 11am on the 14th?

- Tex

ManySigns said...

Sounds good to me. Still don't know if I'll be able to make it yet, depends on how things go financially, but I'm hopeful.

Miss Anonymous said...

11 am as usual, Tex. Also, still waiting for a call back. If I don't hear back by the weekend I'll assume they've lost our message and I'll try them again. Still have plenty of time before the fourteenth.