Thursday, April 17, 2008

The YouTubes Are Down, and Another Possible Celeb Blow.

The other day, Tory Magoo's YouTube account was suspended due to mass-flagging. Today, WBM's is down for the same reason -- the account with the Jason Beghe interview. See enturbulation's Breaking News forum for more discussion on these.

Also, lots of rumors in the works that Katie Holmes may be taking Suri and running away from Tom and CoS. Could be just celeb gossip, but I sure hope it's true.

Articles on TomKat split:

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Anonymous said...

If there is anyone that hasn't seen the 2008 Tom Cruise video, you can view it on my webpage at:

- Tex

RememberX2 said...

Hey its random but is there a theme for may 10. Fair Game?

ManySigns said...

I think it's Scientology's ultra-obsessive anti-psychiatry stance, if I'm not mistaken.

Miss Anonymous said...

rememberx2: I believe that it is Fair Game, here's a thread where I got that info from.

ManySigns said...

Yup, my info was out of date. This protest is:

Battletoads Earth
Operation: Fair Game Stop

Stop the Fair Game!

RememberX2 said...

Thanks for the info. I was really hopping it was fair game. Then people may actually ask about the masks.

Anonymous said...

Hey since I don't see an entry about it I guess I'll say it: The full Jason Beghe interview is up on Bunker's blog.

Roj said...
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