Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm/We're Not Dead.

My apologies for the long lapse between updates here. I've been bogged down with school and work, and Xenu is infested with sickness and cooties (I think the thetans finally got him).

For those who haven't heard, Mark Bunker's full interview with Jason Beghe is up -- linking to WBM's blog, since the YouTube's been having problems.

Also, one issue that's been bugging me about the upcoming protest -- attendance has been down, here as well as most other cities. We peaked at about half our peak from 2/10 last time. I understand that a lot of our original Anons are only here for school and as a result may not spend all their time locally, but I think it's important that we recruit new people and try to keep our local numbers up. Any opinions on the matter? Ideas for how to do this?


ManySigns said...

Downtown flyer/hug raid during the week or something. Doesn't need to be big, a handful of local anon, all in masks (and it's important that they actually be masked, whether they're worried about Co$ retaliation or not, because it gets attention. The more Guy Fawkes masks, the better), wandering around down town giving out hugs and flyers with much enthusiasm would be great.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see more inclusion of the older folks - myself being among them. I'm 43 and have been against the CoS long before Anonymous brought their misdeeds to the world. I was thrilled to find you guys.

Unfortunately, a lot of my peers are not exactly internet-savvy. They're not going to get the memes. (Of course, a lot of them are just complacent sheep who only care if they can gas up the SUV, too.)

I can't be the only one who can still get pissed, though.