Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Possible Alternative to the Stationary Protest Permit

Would anyone be up for making the May 10th protest a "moving" protest, where we all wander the South Side in the general vicinity of the Scientology building, handing out fliers and not constantly blocking off the same shops? We could reach a decent number of people that way, and we might not provoke the same ire we do when we park our butts outside on their sidewalks. There is the abandoned building the cop suggested standing in front of last time, which we tried, but we tend to spill over past either side of it, so maybe a few of us could stand there, and the rest could move to intersections and corners and we could rotate through the day without blocking any active businesses.

I'm just brainstorming here, seeing as we have under two weeks until May 10th, and I don't know what the turnaround time would be for a permit if someone started now. If anyone's got other ideas, please post them.

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