Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Flyers and Handouts for 4/12

If you're willing to print up leaflets or simply have ideas for producing leaflets that us Anons with university print quotas can use, please post here! Also needed are ideas for foamboard slogans -- remember the theme of Reconnect is Scientology's forced disconnection of members from family and friends. And NO hate!

Also, check out this thread on enturb, which is basically an archive of the work of more creative Anons who have contributed their work.


Anonymous said...

Why was this posted?

You were already offered printing services for this campaign free of charge. You have all the proper contact information.

Miss Anonymous said...

The primary reason I posted this was so we could figure out which of the many pre-made handouts to print, and to see if anyone creative had something new to contribute. I know there were some Anons there last time who had very nice brochures that they made themselves, and I want to get an idea of who's bringing what.