Thursday, April 10, 2008

Some Minor Updates

I emailed all the media sources that I posted on this blog with some information about Reconnect today, using a pseudonym. Tomorrow, I'm going to try and call a few of the television stations and talk to someone about it and see if they'd be able to bring out a camera crew - I figure chances might be better this time, as its likely to be a slower news day than 3/15 was. Xenu is going to call the South Side police station tomorrow to give them a heads-up about the date and time of the protest, though Scientology will likely be taking care of that for us, as well.

Also, we're still working on selecting leaflets and handouts to print for the protest, so if anyone has contributions or suggestions, post here.


Anonymous said...

New poster:

"Free Hugs - if you think beliefs don't deserve copyrights"

"Religion is free - just like hugs"

Anonymous said...

are signs still ok to have

Miss Anonymous said...

Signs are still okay, anonymous, just make sure none of them say anything like "hate"

Jungle said...

Image of Xenu stealing a baby from it's mother. Caption "Xenu Ruins Families" and the enturbulation url

ManySigns said...

I don't think that would be a very effective sign, jungle. Both because Xenu isn't very identifiable to the general public, and because Xenu is effectively Scientology's Satan, and is also commonly identified with by Anonymous because of that. Also, we're not protesting the religion, we're protesting the organization and its policies, and we should focus on that.

Some of the signs I'll be bringing:

Reconnect don't Disconnect
Call your mother
We love you
Your family loves you

Roj said...

Miss Anon, I have an issue. I plan on taking a bus, and since I'm so close to a T station, I plan on taking it to Station Square and hopping on a bus. However, I have no idea what Bus route would take me up through south side and back later on. Any idea?

Anonymous said...

roj, The 51C picks up at station square and goes as far as 18 street in southside. It also runs pretty frequently.

cultlord said...

51A is good as well. Both 51s run right there. Don't get on the 46 by mistake!