Saturday, April 5, 2008

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And it's time to ramp up efforts to attract media attention. In the interest of saving people search time, I'll repost here the list of media contact info I posted weeks ago. You can call/email as an anonymous participant who wants to get word out, or you can call as an average citizen who saw previous press and wants to hear more about this cause. Either way, it'd be a good idea for everyone to encourage the local media to look into Reconnect.

If anyone has media contact info to add, comment and I'll edit this post.

Pittsburgh Media Contact Info

WPXI (telephone): 412-237-1100
WPXI (email):

WTAE (telephone): 412-244-4444
WTAE (email):

KDKA (telephone): 412-575-2245
KDKA (email): Submit via form on this page

Post-Gazette (telephone): 412-263-1100
Post-Gazette (email):
Post-Gazette reporter who covered 2/10, Jerome Sherman:

Tribune Review (telephone): 412-321-6460
Tribune Review (email): (for letters to the editor and giving your opinion -- they don't really have a more appropriate avenue for directing emails listed on their site).

Local University Press

CMU, The Tartan (telephone): 412-268-2111
CMU, The Tartan (email):
CMU TV (email):
CMU, WRCT Radio (email):

The Pitt News (telephone): 412-648-7980
The Pitt News (email):
Pitt TV (telephone): 717-475-2848
Pitt TV (email):

The Duquesne Duke (telephone): 412-396-6629
The Duquesne Duke (email, editor):

Point Park, The Globe (telephone): 412-392-4740
Point Park, The Globe (email):

CCAC Student Newspapers:
Allegheny Campus (telephone): 412-237-4632
Boyce Campus (telephone): 724-325-6730
North Campus (telephone): 412-369-3698
South Campus (telephone): 412-469-6352


Anonymous said...

Philadelphia had their permit jacked, and are inviting all neighboring city's anons to show the Scilons that no amount of permit shenanigans will dissuade us. Visit their Google Doc here for more information:

Anonymous said...

In regards to above comment, please spread the word with other Pittsburgh anons. Thanks.

ManySigns said...

Hey, guys, I've got most of my signs made up, but I've still got the 75-foot roll of banner paper to use yet, and I'm looking for suggestions. I can come up with something on my own, no problem, but I figured that with something that large/attention-grabbing, what it says would be better to be something from the group, instead of just one person. So bring on your suggestions.

ManySigns said...

Oh, and I'm not planning on using all 75 feet for the sign, btw, just in case anyone thought I might be... >.>

If we had more street room, maybe... er, well, ok, probably. But, as it is, I'll just be able to make individual banners for each protest theme we have. ^_^

Miss Anonymous said...

To the Philly anon: Pittsburgh law does not require Anonymous to have a permit for our sidewalk protests, and we've been in contact with the police throughout. So far, they do not like Scientology any better than us, but I will keep this in mind and make a post about it here. Thanks for the heads-up.

Miss Anonymous said...

to manysigns: I found this list of slogans for large signs on enturb and remembered you, so here's some copypasta:
# Your family loves YOU, $cientology loves your MONEY
# HONK if you love your family
# Stop forcing families apart
# Disconnection is evil
# Should "total freedom" cost you your family?
# The "Church" is a bad parent.
# Co$: ALIEN-ating people since 1952
# CO$: Destroying families since 1952
# Family is Free, $cientology is Not