Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Signage for the 3/15 Rally

Hey guys,

Just a few things I wanted to point out about signs for the next protest -- specifically, the large foamboard-type signs to hold up for passing cars during the event.

First off, the most durable types of handmade signs turned out to be the traditional marker-on-foamboard variety. Things that had printed paper taped to a board did not hold up to the wind, so refrain from this style of sign next time. The more professionally made ones, like the one on the pole with the "When your check clears" bit were very effective, I thought, so if anyone has the capability to make signs like that, go for it.

Also -- when the PPG reporter visited, he commented about how we were claiming not to be a hate group, but we had a "honk if you hate Scientology" sign. Now, the "honk if" concept turned out to be very effective -- I heard people estimate an 80% honkage rate, which is awesome. However, we need a new verb for signs like this. Something that won't send a mixed message when we try to portray the fact that we don't hate religion or other people's beliefs. "Oppose" or a less "hate"-like word would do. Feel free to post suggestions here. We definitely need the honk signs, though -- clearly, the cops didn't mind the horn noise, and it obviously got the attention of motorists.

Miss Anonymous.


Trent said...

"Honk if you're against Scientology"?

or maybe that still seems too anti-religion...

i think "Honk if you oppose Scientology" might honestly be our best bet

janon said...

honk for justice

honk for lisa mcpherson (spelling?)

honk if you hate scientologies methods

Trent said...

i'd like to think that we've spread lisa's story far enough that people will recognize the name, but I'm not sure we can count on that...

Anonymous said...

I like honk for justice... sounds good... easy to read on the fly.

K said...

"Honk if you think Scientology is a cult"?

"Honk if you like cookies" is always good...

btw, it's kind of annoying that you don't allow anonymous comments on this blog

Miss Anonymous said...

A few more I've come up with:

"Honk if religion should be free."

"Honk for the victims of Scientology."

"Honk if you oppose cults."

"Honk if you support modern medicine."

"Honk if you believe in psychiatry."

"Honk if you believe in freedom of speech."

Also, about the anonymous comment thing, I'm trying to get Xenu to fix that, I don't think I have the permissions on this blog to do so.

Miss Anonymous said...

Annnd by the time I posted that comment anonymous quotes were permitted. So no more worries about that.

NotMe said...

Just remember to make your signs DARK so they can be read from further away. The last thing you need is to have Mark Madden out on the corner yelling again that he can't read your signs!

janon said...

or, free katie holmes?

Anonymous said...

My suggestions are don’t use “hate” at all and “cult” Is very fitting word but should not be used in a “honk if” sign.

Instead of accusing them of being a cult simply ask the question “is scientology a cult?” a good short question with a link to encourage the public to go and look up info themselves.

I also agree the "Honk if you oppose Scientology" is the best honk sign.

giv3m3truth said...

"Honk if religion should be free."


"Honk if you believe in freedom of speech."

Best bets. They don't even directly target the Church, yest still deal with our subject. Also, if people don't know what the phrases have to do with CoS, i might get them thinking.

The Black Phantom said...

What about 'honk if you dislike Scientology' or 'honk if you think Scientologist shouldn't get religious tax exemptions'