Sunday, February 10, 2008

PGH Anon blog created

I coordinated the 2/10 raid/protest nearly entirely over email, with a little help from the IRC channel. This turned out to be reasonably effective, but it was a lot of work, and it made it so that the only way to get information on the raid was to contact me directly, or use the slightly limited resources available online. While this did have the advantage of keeping the information contained to a smaller group, it's not like it would've been hard to infiltrate - pretty much, if you contacted me, you got on the mailing list. The list was also somewhat difficult to maintain, particularly with having to figure out who needed what information, etc.
So, I had the idea (naturally, during the raid itself) to set up a blog as a central point of information for the Pittsburgh area Anons in our fight against Scientology. I feel that this way we can have a website anyone can point to that has up to date information on events (no more business like the 9th/10th confusion caused by a misprint on ED). In addition, we can have multiple people certified to post, which will lessen the load on me (wondering why some emails got out later than they probably should have? Xenu had work...or was lazy...) It also gives you a good site to link other people to when trying to recruit them for events.
So yeah, we have a blog now. If you want posting rights, contact me, though this will probably be limited to people I've met IRL (no offense, but you guys understand the need for security). While most posts will be event-related, some may just be relevant info about Scientology, etc. We'll see how it goes


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