Sunday, February 24, 2008


Spotted on the CMU campus on a pole near Hunt Library. Anyone want to take credit? Any other flyer sightings in Pittsburgh?

I think the time has come for some kind of larger-scale flyer campaign on campuses, etc. Comment with feedback and plans.

Also, while I applaud the effort here, this flyer misspelled "Government," so be careful to proofread any future signage. Also, as a given, do not post things where you are not allowed to post them, such as to other people's private property.


Anonymous said...

At least on Pittsburgh's campus, most of the posters we put up were taken down within a few hours. Since we put up well over two hundred, it was impressive work by the janitorial staff. It might work better to take three or four with you to class, get there a few minutes early, and get it up on the doors for the flood of students.

Miss Anonymous said...

Ah...well, I don't know the rules for Pitt, but at CMU pretty much anyone seems to be able to put things on bulletin boards, tape them to things outside, or write in chalk on the sidewalks and it won't automatically be gotten rid of, so I guess just be aware of the procedure for your own campus. Definitely try and get as large an audience for them before it gets taken down.

Trent said...

i would love to smother the Pitt campus in flyers, honestly I would, but this semester is keeping me so busy that I don't have time to make flyers of my own.

I have time to print them and even to disseminate them (along the way to classes), though... so can anyone post some pre-made flyers for general use?

Anonymous said...

A very simple flyer popped up on the bulletin board in my schools main student lounge ( It might still be there and I don’t know who put it up). if a standard flyer was created I would put up a few here and there.

I found these on photobucket

Miss Anonymous said...

I've gotten all of my flyers from the forums.

Looks like most of them are here:

Anonymous said...

Pitt won't let you post anything outside the posting boards - and even those get cleared twice a week at least, as they are getting full before you know. If you post really early in the morning though, you have a chance of people reading them before being taken down.

I have found that the glass doors that connect the bridge with Hillman and Posvar stand a better chance for fliers, though.