Sunday, February 10, 2008

2/10 Protest Results

So, for a summary, a shameless copypasta from what I wrote on Chanology:
It was damn cold, and damn windy, but we had at least 30-40 people despite that. The protest was right next to a busy street (Carson St.), and many drivers responded to the "Honk if you hate Scientology" (as well as "Honk if you think Tom Cruise is insane") signs. We even had an ambulance honk. Virtually no response from the CoS, there were a couple of police officers stationed across the street at the CoS building, but this may have been because we contacted them beforehand. We had a good amount of media coverage, including newspapers and even a local news channel. Will post links to these as they become available.
Overall, a very good, peaceful, protest, which I think got the message across very clearly. No legal troubles or troubles with CoS members.

Now, a request: if anyone has any pictures, videos, etc., please either email them to me or email me a link where I can find them. I'll be putting up a compilation of media from the protest once I get some more responses to this.

Another request: as some of you know, we got media coverage (epic win!). I don't have all the info on who's going to be covering us when, etc., so email me that, or drop a comment, if you have that info.

And now, a personal message to all of you who braved the single-digit windchills to get out there and fight the good fight: Awesome job, guys. Everyone did amazingly well at keeping the protest nonviolent and informative, rather than offensive. It's absolutely great that the police who were there spent 99% of their time inside the CoS building. Hopefully the media coverage will reflect what I saw today: a group of concerned, committed citizens fighting to get the truth out there in a nonviolent fashion. Let's see the CoS try to spin that one the same way they attacked us in their last press release (though I'm sure they'll try). Excellent work, everyone.


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