Sunday, February 10, 2008

Channel 4 Coverage

So, for those of you who missed the Channel 4 coverage of the raid, it was generally very positive. They explained very clearly how we don't attack CoS's beliefs, only its methods, and had an interview with Miss Anon where she did a very good job of representing our position. They also had more than a few shots of our signs, which does a good job of spreading our message. They did, of course, have to air the response from the Scientologists, which was basically the standard "Anon == bigots" thing, but that argument rang pretty empty when taken together with the rest of the segment. I think, though they couldn't say it, Channel 4 was pretty clearly on our side (we got a lot more airtime than the CoS :p). Hopefully all the other news reports will be equally well done.

Also, it'd be really great if people, particularly people who saw the report, would voice their appreciation at a job well done. Channel 4's contact page is:


Roj said...

This was definitely an epic win for us. I'm hoping that the next one isn't when it's 20 degrees outside, but if it is, we'll be better prepared to stay until sun down, at least one would hope.

Miss Anonymous said...

I was on TV. I'm a celebrity now.

Seriously, though this makes the freezingness worth it.

Trent said...

Absolutely brilliant. I sent the station a nice comment about their nice coverage.

Roxas said...

It's great that they seemed to side with us, and all we need to make it epic is more people, more coverage, and to spread more knowledge.

If 3/15 is gonna happen, i say we all try to get the story to more media, however we can: Radio, Newspaper, TV, whatever you can think of.


The said...

Question, does anyone have youtubage on the converage? I suppose it's a little late now, but I hope someone grabbed it.