Friday, August 1, 2008

August Protest

According to, the next protest will occur on August 16th. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to make it to this one either, due to work -- I missed three weeks of it to study abroad, and I need money/to not irritate management further, and desperately.

However, I am switching to a new job with no/minimal weekend hours once school starts, so I should be able to make it to protests again starting in September.

Are there any college Anons planning to be back in Pittsburgh by the sixteenth? I know my school doesn't start until a week or two after that, but from what I recall Pitt and a few other local ones start significantly earlier. I know we lost a lot of participants due to summer breaks.

Also, since our numbers have been down, we definitely need some new recruitment ideas. Thoughts?

And here is the current link to our thread on enturb.


ManySigns said...

Unfortunately, I'm having a party celebrating my 21st birthday on the 16th... I'd move it to another weekend, but that's the only one that works for everyone else.

I'm gonna be relatively close to State College, though, if there's anything going on there, and might be able to swing by for a couple hours.

Hopefully September will work better for me, as well.

Anonymous said...

The August Protests are actually going to happen on the same day that Dr. Steel's Army of Toy Soldiers will be covering East Carson.

There's some info that will help :)

Anonymous said...

i am still upset over last months turnout so will probably miss this event. restore my faith in anonymous, anon. damn it nao i needz motivashun

Anonymous said...

I plan on attending. Any word on about how many people are gonna be there or what time?

Xavier said...

Hey I am new and I will join. And I will be there what do I need?

Xavier said...
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Anonymous said...

No disrespect but Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys are a bunch of fucking losers. Commenting just to say you cant make it is lame as hell. fuck that shit

also, commenting that youre not going to make it JUST BECAUSE OF LOW TURNOUT IN THE PAST is the ultimate copout cheapass lame fucking gay excuse. Fuck whoever said that in the ass.

You sorry ass bitches that have basically forsaken the cause are not wanted nor needed, so fuck yourselves.

-SARJ (the pirate guy on 8/16)

(if you dont know who I am, I guess you should have fucking showed up to your own protest, huh, stupid fucking bitches)

Anonymous said...

Lots of swearsing. and posting here to trash others helps no one either. also get a blogger ID cause Tex is the only one who gets away with the
-(fill in name) thing.
sorry that was trashy of me.

Anonymous said...

and just what the fuck are you gonna do about it?

not show up again?

-Admiral SARJbosa of the Pirates Guild

Anonymous said...

"also, commenting that youre not going to make it JUST BECAUSE OF LOW TURNOUT IN THE PAST is the ultimate copout cheapass lame fucking gay excuse. Fuck whoever said that in the ass."

I wouldn't have said it like that, but I can't disagree with Sarj's sentiment here.

Seriously, if I had started to leave even a minute earlier, the whole protest would have sucked even more. Luckily a few other Anons had just arrived nearby...two hours after the posted protest time. It was a lot of fun even with only three Anons (and Sarj), so yeah, saying you're not going to show up because other people aren't is a truly lame excuse.

I'm pretty sure Xavier didn't actually go either. What the hell, guys? (At least some of you knew you wouldn't be able to make it for legitimate reasons.)

The 13th of September had better improve on the 16th of August. If you're reading this and actually show up, it'll happen.

---CharlemagneAltamira on Enturbulation

Anonymous said...

Yeah Im a dickhead. I admit it before being accused.

I just got permabanned from for pointing out the rampant religious bigotry going on there.

Its really funny how speaking out against certain members of anonymous can blind them to the fact that I am nevertheless anti-CoS, and one of the few people willing to show up to the protests anymore.

For all the shit that I talk, I still do encourage anyone and everyone to speak their mind and show up to the protests.

The real niggas know who they are


Anonymous said...

I am a new solider, I am ready for the trenches. Lets go to war

Anonymous said...

Is anybody out there? If so, make some noise:

Anonymous said...

I'm at college now, but over winter break or the summer I would love to show up to a protest.

Anonymous said...

August huh? hmmmmmmmmmm
We would love to strike "a blow" for Anonymous. Post the whens and wheres.
I wish to be one of many

Anonymous said...

xenu is in my pants and he is angry. LOL
I am the bastard son of wise beard and I will be there. smell the terror

Anonymous said...

i would love to participate, unfortunatly, my guy fawkes mask just got ordered, I just got back from afganistan, so unless i can get a ride to downtown, and a loaner mask, i might hace to duck out


cloneofaclone said...

sorry, didnt have an email address before, im cloneofaclone, i would be more than happy to help, if anyone happens to be traveling from greensburgh i will go along, but atm i dont have a ride, i brokted it:(